Electric Shortlease at e-Busje.nl

e-Busje Shortlease

Do you want to rent an e-Busje huren for a longer period ? Go for shortlease.

Shortlease conditions allow you to rent an e-Busje for a period you require: you pay per month. Your own e-Busje as long as you want, without obligations. Our shortlease subscriptions include planned maintenance, insurance and road tax.


How does electric short leasing work?

Electric short leasing is very simple and without obligation. It is available to both individuals and companies. All you have to do is indicate when you want to start using the e-van and the estimated duration.

With short lease from 2 months we deliver completely free throughout the Netherlands!

Please contact us to drive your own e-Van!


Interested in shortlease e-Busje ?

Call us : (+31) 35 685 2226


Shortlease rates are very economical. You pay only 40% of the regulare day rate end on top of that you get 3000 km free per month:

e-Busje 5m³: EUR 1.385 per month excl. taxes

e-Busje 14m³: EUR 1.735 per month excl. taxes

Important: It is always possible to obtain a charge card from us in order to charge your car.


Excl. VAT